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Island Style Massage


30 MINUTES $45  – Focus on relieving specific areas of pain such as head and neck, back, shoulders, legs and feet.

60 MINUTES $85 –  Ease aches and pains while promoting rejuvenating relaxation.

90 MINUTES $125  – Customized to suit your needs for relaxation and calm or intensive deep tissue massage for stubborn knots or a blend of both.

120 MINUTES $150  – This longer session allows for additional deeper therapy techniques to address chronic problem areas, reducing pain, relieving exhaustion and promoting healing.

IN-HOME VISIT $120  – Minimum of 2 Treatments. Enjoy your treatments on your lanai or in the comfort of your own home.

Gift Certificates Available – The Perfect Gift For Family And Friends

Full-Time Molokai Kama’aina Rates Available 

 Treatment Options Include:

Molokai Massage Serenade

Pohaku Hot Stone Signature Treatment

• Swedish

• Hawaiian Lomi Lomi

• Japanese Barefoot Massage

• Deep Tissue/Trigger Point Therapy

• Gentle Relaxation

• Fragile Care

• Prenatal/Postnatal

• Migraine Miracle Treatment


Musical Sanctuary, The Healing Effects of Music:  Not only does music enhance the relaxing nature of the massage, music also beneficially affects heart rate, blood pressure, respiratory rate and shifts in emotions and energy levels and provides tranquil restoration. I offer a wide array of beautiful and tranquil massage playlists for your enjoyment and happiness.

For the ultimate massage experience surpassing all others I am pleased to offer serenity through live music and massage featuring the artistry of Rick Schonely – The heavenly combination of live Hawaiian music and massage is in a class by itself! See the Molokai Massage Serenade page for more information.

Hot Towels: A therapeutic treatment using moist heat. Moist heat applications have a relaxing effect on the blood vessels, muscles, and nerves and promote the metabolic activity of body cells. The application of moist heat tends to penetrate deeper into the muscle tissues than dry heat .

Manual Lymphatic Drainage:  Lymph vessels transport excess waste away from cells to the bloodstream. Any blockage at the lymphatic level results in congestion throughout the lymphatic system. This gentle massage uses light movements to accelerate the movement of lymphatic fluids in the body and stimulates the immune system.

Dry Brush Exfoliation Treatment:

Exfoliation has been practiced in many cultures for thousands of years. I use a natural bristle brush to sweep the skin. This is known to be especially therapeutic for the lymphatic system.

The entire surface of the skin is impregnated with millions of sweat glands which constitute drainage where blood, via perspiration, purifies itself of toxic waste it collects from cells. Dry skin brushing is very gentle and helps:

  • The skin’s own regenerative processes
  • Stimulate sweat and oil glands, restoring moist, supple skin
  • Aids in the absorption of spa products
  • Improves complexion and creates a healthy glow and radiant shine to the skin
  • Reduces cellulite and stretch marks


 Gift Certificates Available


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