Pohaku Massage

Massage With Aloha Signature Treatment:

Pohaku Massage

A Unique Massage Experience

In a Pohaku Massage I incorporate heated lava stones and warm coconut oil into the treatment. This powerful and unique form of bodywork can be incredibly deep or adjusted to suit your preference.

 Warming, soothing, relaxing, healing and invigorating!

Pohaku Massage (Pohaku is the Hawaiian word for stone) or Hot Stone Massage Therapy is a holistic, non-invasive therapy for treating a wide variety of conditions from body aches and pains to improving the immune system.

The comforting heat of volcanic stones is applied to constricted areas of the body, and areas of accumulated stagnation. The warm stones deeply penetrate the body’s tissues and promote a sense of stillness and inner peace through deep relaxation.

It is estimated that a treatment with heated stones is FIVE TIMES more impactful than hands alone, providing more intensive physical and mental responses.

Adding warm oil to the experience of a massage is blissfully relaxing and wonderfully comforting, while it rejuvenates your mind and body. I use rich, organic tropical coconut oil that heals and nourishes the skin.

Add $10 To Any Treatment, see price list below.

Pohaku Massage Is An In-spa Treatment Only

Please Request This Treatment at the time of booking due to the special preparations,



30 MINUTES $45  – Focus on relieving specific areas of pain such as head and neck, back, shoulders, legs and feet.

60 MINUTES $85 –  Ease aches and pains while promoting rejuvenating relaxation.

90 MINUTES $125  – Customized to suit your needs for relaxation and calm or intensive deep tissue massage for stubborn knots or a blend of both.

120 MINUTES $150  – This longer session allows for additional deeper therapy techniques to address chronic problem areas, reducing pain, relieving exhaustion and promoting healing.

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