Hawaiian Healing Traditions

Hawaiian Healing Traditions

Lomilomi and Pule Ho’ola: Healing Prayers

 “Hawaiians of old cleared the way with prayers before they began an undertaking.”

~ Mary Kawena Pukui

“Eighty percent of healing is spiritual, and 20 percent lā`au (medicinal).” 

~  Papa Henry Auwae

In the Hawaiian language , the word lomilomi simply means “to rub, to press”. However,  a lomilomi session is more than a feel good massage – lomilomi incorporates both physical and spiritual parts of healing.

In lomilomi, aloha (love) and pule (prayer) are utilized to re-establish pono (harmony), healing the spirit, mind and body. 

I always begin my lomi with stillness and invite God’s divine presence for protection and restoration. Throughout every session I am devoted to each and every individual with great reverence, compassion, love and prayerful intentions. It is the giving and loving spirit of lomilomi that opens the heart and allows the mana, the life energies to flow.

Lomilomi was conceived in Hawai’i, the land of aloha. In addition to hello and goodbye, aloha means love, compassion, mercy, kindness, grace, and charity.

ALOHA ,The Breath And Presence of God

                                  A is for Aloha, meaning greetings and welcome with love.  
                                  L is for Launa meaning friendly…a feeling from the heart.  
                                  O is for Ololi, meaning pleasure…of being helpful and kind.  
                                  H is for Hau’oli, meaning happy…the happiness of sharing.  
                                  A  is for Akahi, meaning humble…in giving and serving. 

                                             Alo – meaning, before the divine creator. 
                                             Ha – meaning, breath of life

Aloha is a way of life. It starts with loving oneself and then sharing that love with others.

Aloha – Pass It On!

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